Monday, January 17, 2011

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...

Despite warnings from the FBI, FCC, and any other organization with an "F" acronym, The TiffNic Basket has made its entrance into the blog world. Ladies, gentlemen, and all y'all who fall somewhere in between, be prepared for something you've never read before. This is my first blog, so it's gonna be all over the place--you know, kinda like yours truly. 

I will provide my take on this crazy world we live in, with a special focus on all things social. New features will include: "Naturally Speaking", my take on living life as a natural-haired curly girl; Facebook Fails; and Local Love, a column where I will show H-Town the love it truly deserves. 

 I will also feature a bimonthly fictional series, "Misadventures of a Social Networker", a fierce, funny glimpse into the world we all know and love (or HATE). Names will be changed to protect the guilty.

Why did I start this blog? Simple: to share my amusing rants (hey you over there snickering--yes I am funny, dammit!) with the world. Check your feelings at the door folks, and enjoy the ride!