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December 2012

Wallace Images--Premier Houston Photography
Contact #: 832-370-1317

Owner/Head Photographer: Darmon Wallace
Specializes in: Wedding, Maternity/Baby, Special Occasion, Events
Experience: 7 years of shooting throughout the Houston and Southwest Louisiana areas

Here is my interview with the man behind the lens--Darmon Wallace:

TNB: So what drives you to create such stunning images?
WI: I feel that it's a gift to be able to be allowed to be a part of people's most treasured moments.

TNB: What's your favorite part of the business?
WI: When the client views the images for the first time...witnessing the emotional impact of that moment. It's completely infused with their memories. They get to relive some of the happiest moments of their lives. Hopefully, their children's children will get to view them and experience that as well.

TNB: What do you feel you have to offer Houston as a photographer?
WI: A unique and genuine artistic expression of people's memories. I get to show anyone who looks at the photographs what I saw of those moments through my eyes.

TNB: Would you say that you bring an artistry that is missing in photography right now?
WI: I wouldn't say that it's missing...I seek to give people what is priceless. Memories like a baby's first birthday or the tears in a dad's eyes at his daughter's wedding can't be replayed. I seek to capture those precious gifts.

TNB: What do you want potential customers to know about your business?
WI: That capturing their memories is just as important to me as capturing my own. We preserve their memories just as we would want our own to be, and we put love into what we do. It's not about "nickel and dimeing"--it's about giving the best presentation possible to our clients.

TNB: Thanks so much for your time, Darmon, and we look forward to seeing more great things from you!
WI: Anytime. I'm looking forward to the memories.

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