Sunday, June 21, 2015

Welcome Back to the Basket!

Hey y'all! What a ride it's been on this crazy adventure called life. I took some time away from blogging and such for a variety of reasons, but I'm back to sharing my observations on all things natural hair.

It's been nearly three years since my BC, and I've learned a LOT about my hair... And who I am as a person. A more detailed post on my current regimen will follow, but I wanted to take a minute to share a few "snacks" from the TiffNic Basket.

1. It's just hair... And so much more.
The thing is, as a black woman living in America, so much focus falls on black hair. When a woman decides to buck conventional standards and wear her hair in its natural texture, it IS a big deal. Yes, those kinky, curly, and coily strands don't define you as a person, but they are a part of your identity. And there's nothing wrong with embracing them just as they are.

2. Your hair will drive you nuts. And it's okay to own that.
If I had a dime for every time I threatened "Simone" with the scissors... Let's just say rent would be paid up for a year! I used to envy women who'd been natural their whole lives. I mean, they had their whole lives to learn what works for their manes while I, the chick who depended on the creamy crack for 20 years, had to deal with a major learning curve. However, once I let go of my curl-definition obsession and started focusing on healthy hair habits, my stress levels dropped big time. Oh, and my natural hair stylist friends, my little sister, and YouTube videos saved me on many a "bad hair day".

3. You're a role model, even when you aren't aware of it.
When I'm not sharing my musings, I'm working as a middle school teacher. And let me tell you--children watch EVERYTHING you do. Some of my biggest bonding moments with both male and female students have been with simple conversations about hair. There's nothing like when a middle school girl asks you for styling tips, or when a young boy says, "My mom/sister/grandma wears her natural hair like yours, and it's cool." So when you fluff that fro (shout out to my fellow educator Krys!) and catch a kid watching you, be sure to wink and smile.

Beauties and Gents, as always, I appreciate your support, comments, and questions. Thanks for joining me!